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Cluster of Excellence

Engineering of Advanced Materials

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Cluster of Excellence
Engineering of
Advanced Materials (EAM)

Nägelsbachstrasse 49b
91052 Erlangen, Germany
06. November 2017

Picture of the month: Optical Tamm defect states in hybrid photonic-plasmonic crystals

Optical Tamm states are interface waves confined between Bragg and metal mirrors. They are formed in photonic bandgaps and diminish functionality of photonic crystals. Under the umbrella of EAM, we have discovered and explained interface resonances in self-assembled 3-dimensional plasmonic- photonic crystals with conformal metal film coatings. The Tamm-like resonance at the edge of (111) bandgap features more than 2-fold transmission enhancement counteracting the transmission suppression in the bandgap. Owing to light backscattering at unevenly profiled metal coating, bandwidths of other diffraction resonances are similarly reduced.

Korovin, A. V.; Romanov, S. G.
Unconventional optical Tamm states in metal-terminated three-dimensional photonic crystals.
Phys. Rev. B 2016, 93, 115440.
Reproduced with permission from above cited article. Copyright 2016 American Physical Society.


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