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Engineering of Advanced Materials

05. - 07.09. 2014 - FEZA-Pre-School: Hierarchically-ordered Materials: From Theory to Applications

Schloss Schney, Lichtenfels

The FEZA Pre-School 2014 will be dedicated to hierarchically porous systems covering all aspect from hierarchy in powders to the reactor scale. Currently, this field stimulates extensive research activity, covering fundamental studies of the hierarchy formation, the development of analytical tools for its qualitative and quantitative characterization and already potential applications in which hierarchical materials promise an improved performance compared to their conventional porous counterparts. The lectures of the Pre-School 2014 will be given by experts of the above mentioned fields and are meant for PhD students, post-docs and younger scientist who would like to gain a deeper understanding of hierarchically structured porous materials. The topic ,hierarchy’ is a key aspect of the research of the Cluster of Excellence (EAM). EAM Research Areas D, E and A3 will contribute to this Pre-School.   

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Confirmed Speakers

Hierarchical materials in biology as an inspiration for materials chemistry
Peter Behrens - University of Hannover, Germany

Zeolite and MOF molecular sieve membranes-from the lab curiosity to industry
Jürgen Caro - University of Hannover, Germany

Hierarchically porous glass monoliths - From salt sintering up to pseudomorphic transformation
Dirk Enke - University of Leipzig, Germany

Hierarchically structured nanoporous organosilica materials
Michael Fröba - University of Hamburg, Germany

Structuring the catalyst and the reactor - An inviting avenue to process intensification
Jorge Gascon - TU Delft, The Netherlands

Cellular ceramics - processing, properties and applications
Peter Greil - University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Sol-gel processing towards monolithic materials with a hierarchical pore organization
Nicola Hüsing - University of Salzburg, Austria

Theoretical aspects in porous materials
Klaus Mecke - University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Design of hierarchical zeolite catalysts
Javier Pérez-Ramírez - ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The hierarchy concept
Wilhelm Schwieger - University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Small-Angle Scattering as quantative method for the characterization of materials with nanoscaled porosity
Bernd Smarsly - University of Giessen, Germany

Hierarchically structured porous materials: From catalysis, optics, energy and life sciences
Bao-Lian Su - University of Namur, Belgium

Physical adsorption characterization of nanoporous materials with hierarchical pore structure
Matthias Thommes - Quantachrome Instruments, USA

Diffusion measurement in pore hierarchies
Rustem Valiullin / Jörg Kärger - University of Leipzig, Germany



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Scientific Coordination

Prof. Wilhelm Schwieger
Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering

Prof. Martin Hartmann
Erlangen Catalysis Resource Center

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91058 Erlangen
+49(0)9131 85-27426

Pre-School Office

Cluster of Excellence
Engineering of Advanced Materials
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